Sunday, August 19, 2007

EMPUSA in Post-Production

Paul Naschy is now working on the post-production of his newest film, EMPUSA. Filming began in Alicante on April 16 and concluded August 1. The film has had a couple of working titles: LA GAVIOTA (THE SEAGULL) and DEADLY SEAGULLS. For Naschy, EMPUSA marks the first time he has taken over directing duties since LA NOCHE DE EJECUTOR in 1993. The film promises to be a return to the type of fantastique Naschy is most known for--rich in supernatural occurrences and mystery, with healthy doses of female beauty and male heroics, and many visual delights and enticing frissons.

The cast includes:

Paul Naschy (Abel), Antonio Mayans (Victor), Saturnino Garcia (Sacaluga), Laura de Pedro (Lilith), Paco Racionero (Ulrich), Cristina Carrión (Cristabel), Maria Jesús Solina (Natalia), Marco Sanz (Murillo).

And here's the official synopsis: Abel, an ex-actor who has become an occultism enthusiast, and Victor, an old sea captain, take long walks on the beach talking about the good old times. During one of those strolls they find the arm of a woman slashed below the elbow, with a rare symbol drawn or tattooed on the wrist. Obsessed by the awesome discovery, Abel decides to take home the maimed arm and investigate the symbol. In an old book of Greek mythology he finds out that it´s the ancient seal of the Empusa, a hybrid being that's a cross between a vampire, a snake and a seagull. Simultaneously, there are several murders in the city. They all have something in common: all the victims appear with their right arm missing. Abel´s obsession and curiosity will lead him into a nightmarish spiral of death.